Craig Vetter back at work designing low-consumption 2-wheelers

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Craig Vetter and his unique streamlined two-wheelers have been mentioned on these pages in the past, and the man is back at it again. His latest project has a stated goal of getting "100 miles to the gallon of gas at 70 mph in a 20 mph headwind carrying four bags of groceries." Nice specifics, there. The issue, as Vetter sees it, is that modern motorcycles could be so much more efficient than they are, with performance taking top priority in the minds of both designers and consumers alike. Performance comes in many aspects, though, and in today's world, fuel efficiency should be just as paramount as top speed and acceleration.

Vetter's past work has focused on making slippery shapes which pass through the wind, and his latest project will follow that tried and true formula. Starting with a 250cc Honda Helix, Vetter has adjusted the gearing and added full bodywork made from .035" polyethelene sheet plastic. At the rear is a small storage bed for the groceries. The result looks much more functional than pretty, but once perfected, it could be the basis for additional experiments using the same basic principles.

[Sources: Craig Vetter, American Motorcyclist Association]

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