Craig Vetter Streamliner - created in the name of fuel economy

We've wondered aloud whether motorcycles need to be as large, heavy and even as powerful as they often are, and it turns out that we are not the only ones who have noticed this trend. Craig Vetter, the man behind the Windjammer fairing and the Triumph Hurricane, found out himself that by changing the aerodynamics of a motorcycle, very exciting achievements can be made. In 1980, Vetter created the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Contest, which was won by a modified Harley Davidson which returned nearly 100 miles per gallon. The following year, Vetter entered his own streamliner which managed 108 miles per gallon and by the end of the run for the contest in 1985, a 125cc streamlined motorcycle won the event by posting over 470 miles per gallon.

Vetter has not been sitting idle since '85 either, with current projects in the works involving human powered transportation and even hovering scooter concepts.

[Source: Motorcycle Hall of Fame, Craig Vetter]

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