Honda Stream wagon could be coming to the US market

Given the current market conditions every automaker is looking at how to get more smaller vehicles into the US market quickly. The obvious answer for Japanese brands is to bring over some of the compact models that have always been the mainstream in their home market. For Honda vehicles like the Stream and the smaller Japanese version of the Odyssey could make the crossing. When the Odyssey was first introduced the same model sold in Japan was offered here but was a commercial failure because it was so much smaller than the dominant Chrysler minivans. Subsequent models diverged and grew significantly here but the smaller model remained at home.

The Stream is a seven seat wagon based on the platform of the Fit and would make a good competitor for the Mazda5. During a recent Honda press event in New York executives talked at length about whether the Stream could be successful here. There seems a strong likelihood that the Stream will make the trip and could appear as soon as the 2010 model year as a more efficient alternative to CUVs and SUVs

[Source: Bloomberg, via Autoblog]

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