Honda considering offering JDM models in the U.S.

Much attention has been paid to Ford's decision to bring six Euro Fords over to the States, but the Blue Oval isn't the only automaker that has good looking, fuel efficient vehicles overseas. Honda has a variety of petrol-sipping vehicles in its Japanese home market, and is now studying whether those are worth selling here in the U.S. The Japan-to-U.S. formula has already worked well with the stylish, sporty and efficient Fit, sales of which are up 73% this year. While the Fit has been sold in the U.S. since 2006, it has also been available in almost identical trim in Japan since 2001.

So Honda is considering offering its JDM Odyssey and compact Stream wagon (above) for the U.S., which would give the brand some wagon-like choices in its lineup. For now Honda is trying not to deviate from its long-term plans, but if the gas-drag on the U.S. market persists, bringing JDM models to market here is a no-brainer if they don't require a ton of investment to meet U.S. emissions and safety standards. As you might expect, we're all for this plan. While they're at it, we'll take the JDM Civic Type-R, too.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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