Honda rapidly refining PGM-FI, introduces CZ Motard in Thailand

Honda has been building small-bore single cylinder four stroke engines and installing them in simple two-wheelers for over fifty years. You'd imagine, then, that Big Red would know a thing or two about how to make them run well, and you'd be right. In fact, Honda has reportedly been able to eke enough power from just a single 110cc cylinder to get a motorcycle up over one-hundred miles per hour. That's really impressive, and it is made possible by advances in fuel injection technology among other things.

The prototype, known as the CZ Motard, is built atop the CZ-i 110 platform, a bike which is super popular in Thailand. With that model, Honda utilized its PGM-FI fuel injection technology and announced that it would be "the number one most admired company that is at the forefront of the environmental issue." That CZ-i 110 is capable of returning some 193 miles per gallon and is 25-percent more powerful than the previous 100cc engine, all the while meeting the next-generation Euro VI emissions standards. With scooter sales up some 65-percent, we'd love to see this model make it stateside.

[Source: Gizmag, Honda Thailand]

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