Switzerland considers banning sportscars SUVs everything

Switzerland is not the most car-friendly place on earth. (Odd, then, that after Monaco, the mountainous country is one of the most popular residence choices for F1 drivers.) But this just puts it over the top. The Swiss Green Party is proposing legislation that would effectively ban supercars. Most sportscars, actually. And SUVs. More than a few luxury sedans, too. Even some small hatchbacks.

The proposed regulations would ban any vehicle over 4800 lbs in weight, producing more than 250 grams of CO2 per kilometer, burning diesel without a new-fangled particulate filter or possessing a front end deemed less than optimal for pedestrian impact. Many of the vehicles on the proposed list of non-compliant new cars would seem logical, according to the Green Party mindset: Aston Martins, Bentleys, HUMMERs, pretty much anything from Italy bigger than a Fiat Panda, most American cars offered in Europe... but wait a second, the Hyundai Getz? Kia Rio? Nissan Micra? Even the Dacia Logan. Somebody's getting carried away in Switzerland, and we hope with the country's populist approach to governance that the Swiss populace will keep their tree-hugging elements in check. Otherwise, we might be riding bikes to next year's Geneva show.

[Source: Asphale.ch via AutoblogGreen]

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