Honda Civic Type R may come to America in 2010

During a recent press drive of the Euro-market Civic Type R, Winding Road's European editor Matt Davis appears to have gotten unofficial confirmation that Honda will be offering a Type R variant of the U.S. model Civic in 2010. Speaking with an unnamed assistant chief engineer, Davis learned that the car we'll get is likely based on the Japanese Domestic Market Civic Type R, which is a four-door sedan rather than the Euro market's three-door hatchback. Since Honda already sells the four-door Civic in the States and not the Euro hatchback, this only makes sense. Davis' source also revealed the car would receive a horsepower boost and limited-slip differential. We imagine any car wearing the Type R badge would also lose some weight, as well.

While we do appreciate Honda offering the Civic Si here in the U.S., especially the four-door version, it's high-revving 2.0L enginer producing 197 hp is easily outmatched by many of its competitors that have crested the 200 hp mark and then some. The closest thing Honda has right now to what we'll eventually get in the U.S. is this prototype four-door Type R Civic (shown above) based on the JDM model. It was used as the official pace car for the 2006 F1 Japan Grand Prix and is the prototype for the four-door Civic Type R that will be on sale in Japan this year.

[Source: Winding Road]

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