Traffic Enfarcement: What's wrong with this picture?

The script for selling one of these "automated revenue enhancement devices" to a municipality might go something like " and the best feature of the Robthepopulace 3000 is that it never makes a mistake - machines don't lie!" Tell that to Thomas, who received a citation in the mail after a South African traffic camera nabbed his VW Polo " clearly traveling in excess of the 60 km/h limit." Right. Technically, the camera is not lying, but machines are incapable of interpreting on their own, otherwise the fleece-bot would have noted that while the car was indeed traveling in excess of the limit, it was on a hook! Thomas got the ticket because his car obscured the plate of the tow truck dragging his little Polo somewhere. While the picture doesn't lie, the government agency drew a false conclusion and stuck to it. We wonder if the amount of the ticket could be deducted from Thomas's income tax to ensure fairness. Now that's just crazy talk. Thanks for the tip, Erwin!

[Source: Daily WTF]

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