ROUSH and Ford sued for making too many Blackjack Mustangs

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ROUSH announced the Stage3 Blackjack Mustang back in 2006, and in 2007 said it would make 100 of them. New Yorker Drew Conner bought Blackjack number two, spending almost $59,000 for his slice of limited edition Mustang pie. Only the glossy black 'Stang wasn't so limited after all: according to a lawsuit Connor filed in New York, Ford and ROUSH made another 100 Blackjacks in 2008.

Both Ford and ROUSH are named in the suit, and Connor has been joined by "at least 100" other Blackjack buyers. The plaintiffs' complaint is, of course, that the Blackjack's "value from scarcity and as collectors' items were and are dramatically less than the buyers had been led to believe their value would be."

But to make everything all better, the plaintiffs are asking for class action status, a jury trial, and... ahem... more than $12 million. That sounds like a lot, but say there were just 100 plaintiffs, that would be $120,000 per person, and would get them their money back plus a 100-percent premium for being misled... which might sound more reasonable. Or not. For the moment, both Ford and ROUSH have no comment on the litigation. Thanks for the tip, iOrange!

UPDATE: One point of clarification that's been bothering us is why Ford has been included in this lawsuit. All it did was build the Mustangs then sold them to ROUSH, which developed, manufactured and distributed the run of limited-edition Blackjack Mustangs.

[Source: Reuters]

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