Ford Germany has announced that its LPG and CNG-powered cars' performance has been improved. According to the press release, gas-powered Fords have improved their consumption up to 1 liter/100 km, which allows the cars to have 50km (30 miles) more range, that is, about 450 km on gas and 750 additional km on unleaded.

Not only that, thanks to a new facility in Saarlouis, Ford has improved its production capabilities. All LPG variants will be made in the new facility in Saarlouis, which allows a global production of 2,000 units of Focus and Focus C-MAX models, while the existing facility in Mainz will be producing CNG variants exclusively (300 Focus, 250 Focus C-MAX) as well as the Ford Transit Van LPG variant (150 units).

Prices for factory-guaranteed conversions are €3,275 and €2,500 (CNG/LPG respectively) for the Ford Focus or C-MAX and €3,950 or €2,920 for the for the Ford Transit van (CNG/LPG respectively).

[Source: Ford]

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