First images of new Compass, Patriot interiors surface

Click above to enlarge the 2009 Jeep Compass and Patriot interior

Chrysler has taken a beating from both consumers and the media regarding the poor quality and materials inside the majority of its products, particularly the Jeep Patriot and Compass. Recognizing the problem, Chrysler made the announcement earlier this year that it would be seriously revamping both model's interiors in short order, and judging by these leaked images from the 2009 Mopar Accessory brochure, they weren't lying.

Looking at the pictures from the brochure, the model with the gray and black interior is the refreshed version, while the beige picture (with heated seats!) seems to be the new '09 dash with the pre-2009 door panels. The dash is all new and looks to be a step-up, while the leather seats have been revised and look more upscale than before. Perhaps the greatest difference will be the door panels, which featured hard plastics, chintzy buttons and switches that were directly in the way of where your arm should go. The new 2009 interior puts these items in recesses, which was sorely needed. We'll reserve final judgment until we get to see and feel the updates in person. Thanks for the tip, TJ!

[Source: Allpar Forums]

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