On the Block: Saddam's Rollers up for sale

It'd be hard to find a vehicle that conveys a greater sense of authority and superiority than a Rolls-Royce. How about a Rolls-Royce that previously belonged to a dictator? A year and a half since his execution, several uber-luxury automobiles that belonged to Saddam Hussein are now popping up for sale.

Following previous posts on Saddam's '88 Mercedes 560 SEL and Lamborghini LM002 – to say nothing of fellow executed despot Benito Mussolini's Alfa Romeo – comes the sale of a burgundy Rolls-Royce Corniche owned by the deposed Iraqi dictator. The car was acquired by an Iraqi investor and is being sold by Autocontinental, an importer in Surrey, England. The convertible appeared briefly on eBay before disappearing, suggesting there was either a legal issue or the car was sold. Among the prospective buyers cited by the dealership was a U.S .army colonel who wanted to acquire the license plate SADDAM for the ride. Even if the Corniche has already been sold, don't worry, because there are more coming to market, including another Corniche in blue and a gilded Maybach that Saddam never even drove before his regime collapsed.

[Source: Telegraph]

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