Bombastic: US troops destroyed Insane Hussein's LM002

American forces in Iraq have finally killed Saddam Hussein's son' While his megalomaniacal father garnered the lion's share of notoriety, Saddam's cruel depravity was exceeded by his eldest son's, the erstwhile heir apparent to the Iraqi presidency who was known for murdering people he didn't like at parties and torturing Olympic athletes. It only makes sense that a monster of a person should have driven a monster of an automobile: the Lamborghini LM002.

For those unacquainted with the LM002, picture the offspring of a one-night-stand between an exotic Italian supercar and a tank, and you've got an approximate idea. The truck is known to guzzle gas like a fratboy funnels beer, but that posed little concern for a family with all the oil in the world but no one to sell it to.

According to reports, Uday's "Rambo Lambo", already on its last leg and limping to the grave, was recovered by American soldiers who, apparently failing to identify the significance of the vehicle, used it to test explosives. And so, like the fate of its owner, Uday's Lamborghini was no more. The world may be a better place without the Husseins, but we'll mourn the truck.

[Source: Lamborghini Registry via Jalopnik]

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