Build Me! Portugal's LusoMotors GT looking for manufacturer

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Of all the European countries with established automotive industries, Portugal might not spring to mind first. But that's something that designer Ernesto Freitas is trying to overcome. His company LusoMotors has been behind such projects as the LM23 track car, Voisin revival concept and Ferrari Dino mock-up. Although none of them – to our knowledge, at least – has really gotten off the ground, Freitas is at it again with a new concept that could yet see the light of day.

Targeted at the track-day-crazy UK market, the LM GT is a concept conceived in three bodystyles: a shooting brake, an open-top roadster, and a windowless speedster (all viewable in our gallery below). Freitas is looking for partners to build the car, including kit car manufacturers. An alternative approach could see the LM GT sitting on an original chassis with BMW running gear. The Bavarian mechanicals should make some sense if you think the rear end of the shooting brake variant reminds you of the previous-generation BMW Z3 coupe with its breadvan-style roof. The project seems intriguing, and we'll be watching to see if it materializes. In the meantime, check out the computer renderings in the gallery below.

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[Source: LusoMotors via Car Body Design]

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