LusoMotors Voisin Concept

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Unless you've got your automotive history books close at hand (or a Wikipedia bookmark), the name Avions Voisin won't spring to mind. The French bespoke automaker was established in 1919 and rivaled the likes of Bentley and Bugatti up until it's demise in 1939. Now, the Portuguese designer and founder of LusoMotors, Ernest Freitas, has decided to revive the deceased marque with the introduction of the Voison supercar concept.

Currently, it only lives in the CAD realm, but Freitas intends to build a full-scale model in the future to display at auto shows to gauge interest and public opinion. The technical details are scarce, but it's obvious that the concept is taking aim at the Bugatti Veyron, reviving the former rivalry, with power conceivably provided by a variant of Audi's V12 diesel engine.

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