Designers to Ferrari: we will have a Dino with or without you!

So many designers are getting in on Dino action these days, we can only hope the car doesn't turn into the automotive equivalent of Snakes on a Plane. Ferrari's consistent disavowals regarding any plans to make "a cheap Ferrari" is not stopping those with pens and intricate rendering software from making their own. Next into the breach is Ernesto Freitas, a Portuguese designer and engineer who has not only drafted a mock-up Dino, he then made a foam model. It's not as elegant as some of the other randomly generated Dinos we've seen -- things get quite busy aft of the doors -- but there is a healthy dose of Dino language to be had throughout. No matter what, though, full marks to Mr. Freitas for commitment to his vision. As for you, Ferrari, we'll see you in Frankfurt with The Car That Isn't A Cheap Ferrari...


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