Flex designer casualty of Ford bloodletting

From: Ford Motor Company
To: Richard Gresens

Richard; sincere thanks for designing the Flex, a vehicle that's working well for FoMoCo in the press, gathering much critical praise at a time when we need it most. Your team succeeded at turning the Freestyle's sows ear into a bigger, slicker, bolder silk purse that's drawing good attention to Ford. Unfortunately, now that we've got a viable neo-Country Squire, we no longer require your talents. Please accept the nice cardboard box we've left, it's been spray painted gold in an effort to call to mind the gold watch you might have gotten were our business not in such a shambles. Thanks for your service, and warmest regards.

Seriously though, Mr. Gresens is rumored to have departed Ford as part of a salaried layoff effort the automaker is undertaking, though he could have left for personal reasons, as well. The talented designer, inspired by everything from architecture to vacuum cleaners, hasn't officially landed anywhere yet. We'd have loved to have seen Gresen's take on the Focus, and we hope that the blocky CUV's bold, clean styling has some staying power.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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