Tata sends Indica to Norway to gain electric drivetrain, street cred

Tata Motors announced last week, curiously, they would be building an electric car by the end of the fiscal year in Norway. One of the first questions that sprang to mind was answered today by news that the vehicle in question will be based on the "tried and tested" Indica (pictured above) and not the Nano which we suspect will also be eventually electrified. The program appears to be well underway since unnamed industry sources are claiming that Tata is, "... currently working on five prototypes of electric vehicles on the Indica platform." It isn't clear if they have 5 different configurations of the car or merely 5 "validation prototypes" under construction. They are also said to be depending on lithium ion batteries to give the city car a 200 Km (125 mile) range.

The other question that the annoucement begs is, "Why Norway?". Well, why not Norway? Already home to two electric car makers, Th!nk and Kewet, the Scandinavian country has most of its citizens and therefore, transportation needs, within a few cities. The climate provides an excellent testing environment as well. The location of electric plugs close to parking spots may even be a factor. What's important for non-Norwegians is that Ratan Tata has said that once the car has been deployed in Norway, "...then it will be available to employ in other markets". Who knows, maybe even America.

[Source: Hindustan Times]

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