Tata Nano production to start this fall, greener variants coming

Tata Motors' diminutive Nano is getting closer to Job 1. if all goes as planned (and when doesn't that happen in the auto industry?) production of the Nano should kick off early this fall. As that date approaches, a number of questions arise. As an extremely fast growing economy, India faces one of the common problems of such scenarios: high inflation. With inflation running at 10 percent right now, will Tata still be able to meet its $2,500 price target? Regardless of price the Nano utlimately sells for, what comes next? Tata is reportedly working on cleaner and greener versions of the Nano to help deal with the issues of pollution and rising fuel prices. Tata has previously licensed the compressed air car technology developed by MDI and an air car based on the Nano seems like a good possibility. Battery powered and micro-hybrid (auto start-stop) are also likely.

[Source: The Earth Times]

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