Euro-Fords could come to America as Mercurys

We've been waiting, along with pretty much everyone else in the country, for Ford to go ahead and bring over some of the desirable small cars it sells in Europe to the United States. It's been discussed over and over, and rumors now predict that Ford will make some official product announcements on Thursday. According to a report on the New York Times, some of these Euro-designed Ford's will wear the Mercury badge as the automaker moves to improve the health of that ailing marque by building those Euro cars in America in ex-truck, SUV and van plants. For our part, we'd be more than happy to see a premium set of small, fuel efficient cars sprout in Mercury dealerships to go along with the higher-end Lincoln models that they share floor space with. If Ford is able to offer bread-and-butter models wearing the Blue Oval badge along with premium and fuel efficient small cars like the Euro Focus and Mondeo under the Mercury brand, they could have a winning set of vehicles on their hands.

[Source: The New York Times]

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