London 2008: Land Rover intros new green technology

Land Rover is showing off its future green technology in the form of its Electric Rear Axle Drive. While this hybrid system has been included in concepts like the Concept Truck of the Year prize-winning LRX, the production version is still being designed and is undergoing testing fitted to some British Freelanders (that's the LR2 in the states). Landie got some government help in paying for this technology development and has hired on quite a number of extra staffers to be sure it gets it right. Still, expect a good long wait before actually seeing a system such as this one in production from Land Rover. According to product development director Phil Hodgkinson, "This isn't something that can transplanted into an existing model at a mid-life face-lift. It's for the next generation of Land Rovers, but we're not putting a date on that." What's more, the tech won't come without compromises, including an increased price and a sizable reduction in cargo capacity. For these reasons, Rover is planning on making the system optional on some models as opposed to making it standard on specialized hybrid vehicles.

[Source: Auto Express]

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