Jaguar and Land Rover hiring 600 to cut CO2 emissions

Now that Jaguar and Land Rover are no longer part of the Ford family, they can't rely on the engineers in Dearborn to provide them with technology they need to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The new owners from Tata also don't have that expertise in house. With CO 2 emissions limits coming to Europe, Jaguar and Land Rover are in the process of hiring 600 people, many of whom will be engineers with the knowledge required to develop hybrid and electric drive systems as well as other new powertrain technology. The Land Rover LR2/Freelander will get a start-stop system this fall and a production version of the LRX concept is expected to debut in the next couple of years. Jaguar so far hasn't implemented any of these types of systems in its cars, although European models do offer diesel engines.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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