Hyundai pushing dealers upmarket abroad

Hyundai is shaking its money makers, spending €60 million to upgrade its dealer network in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Each of 2,500 dealers will spend at least €24,000 on improving their facilities, with matching funds coming from both distributors and the parent company.
The plan is called Mission Q, and it has several objectives: upgrade the dealer experience, increase customer loyalty, and move the brand away from being considered solely for value or low cost. Hyundai wants "people to think of Hyundai as a market leader in quality, SUVs, family cars and because of our sports sponsorships, and then later come to the price discussion."

In addition to the new furniture and paint, Hyundai has created a brand academy at its European headquarters to train distributors and dealer staff. As it moves up the brand ladder, cars from China and India will be arriving to take Hyundai's place in price-first considerations. And that means that Honda, Nissan, and Toyota should probably start getting ready for another guest at the table.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req'd]

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