Spoiler Alert! FiLM Grenade runs down all the known Transformers characters

Click above for more shots of the mystery Transformers Corvette

The upcoming Transformers sequel, which is known as Revenge of the Fallen, is shaping up to be chock-full of new characters and, therefore, vehicles. The GM love fest continues with new cast members like the Chevy Beat and Trax siblings, a mystery Corvette and even the Chevy Volt. With all of these new additions, along with what appears to be the entire cast from the first edition, keeping up is proving a bit difficult. With that in mind, those of you who don't mind viewing a few spoilers before actually seeing the flick, check out the ongoing and recently updated character guide over at FiLM Grenade.

Still can't get enough Transformers action? Check out some conceptual art done by Tim Flattery. Though these particular drawings were made for the first film, the characters didn't make it into the movie. Some sources are claiming that we could see them appear in the upcoming sequel. Thanks for the tips, 04volk and 94 Taurus Owner!

[Source: FiLM Grenade]

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