Chevy Volt to make an appearance in Transformers sequel?

Just how important is the Chevy Volt for ailing General Motors? Obviously, that's a rhetorical as GM is making it out to be the second coming of the horseless carriage. The money being invested into the latest battery technology and the sophisticated platform which carries it proves that the General is placing massive wager on plug-in electric cars. And you can bet that it will be hyping the Hell out of them too. We already reported on the fact that the Volt will be a centerpiece of General Motor's upcoming Centennial celebration, and now we hear that the production Volt could join GM's other upcoming gas-saver, the Chevy Beat, by making an appearance in the highly anticipated Transformers sequel.

Die-hard Camaro fans have been anxiously awaiting its formal introduction since it strutted its stuff in concept form in the first installment of Transformers. Thankfully for Volt aficionados, along with just about anyone else looking to save a few bucks on their fuel bills, we shouldn't need to wait nearly as long after its big-screen debut for a shot at driving off the showroom floor in a shiny new electric car, assuming the Volt actually arrives on schedule for its 2010 launch.

[Source: Reuters]

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