Porsche registers a logo for the 2010 Panamera Hybrid

We're still not sure if Porsche's first production hybrid model will be the Cayenne SUV or Panamera sedan but we do know what the Panamera hybrid logo will look like. Porsche has registered the logo and trademark for the Panamera hybrid with the EU agency that handles trade and design marks known as OHIM. The logo uses a similar script to the one that Porsche has used for several decades. The Panamera hybrid is expected to debut in late 2009. Like the prototype Cayenne hybrid Porsche showed in 2007, the sedan will pair up a Volkswagen 3.6L V6 with an electric drive motor. The motor is mounted at the rear axle and reportedly able to propel the vehicle on battery power alone at steady state speeds of 70 mph. Thanks to Christian for the tip!

[Source: Autoblog.it, via German Car Blog]

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