Kentucky politicians gone wild wooing ZAP! factory

There has been quite a political theater circus happening in Kentucky this past week. Democrats and Republicans have been tripping all over themselves to hold press conferences with the owner of a potential ZAP! factory as well as clear the legal roadblocks that currently bar certain three-wheeled electric cars from the roads of the bluegrass state. It seems the kerfuffle started when Republican senators, Dan Seum of Louisville and Gary Tapp of Shelbyville, sent out a press release July 2nd announcing an appearance at Integrity Manufacturing in Shepherdsville. Also appearing at the would be owner Randy Waldman and local ZAP! dealership general manager, Larry Cottingham, to announce their legislative intentions and support for new jobs at the facility.

Democrats preempted the senators with a press conference of their own which they scheduled for the day before the original media event. The senators "R" then decided to head the Democrats off at the pass and pre-filed a bill that would allow licensed three wheeled vehicles on roads with speed limits of 45 mph and under. The Dems finally held their press conference but unfortunately forgot to go over some details with Bullitt County businessmen and the Xebra they crowed they would test drive was a no show. Their corrected press release indicated that they would inspect what they termed a "Segway scooter" (we think they meant a Zappy 3) instead.

What do they make of all this at ZAP HQ in California? It seems that, while ZAP seems somewhat interested in manufacturing stateside, they say any "formal conversations" with this factory owner have not been held. Regardless of what side of the political fence you reside on, the whole hoo-hah makes for great reading as it was nicely chronicled on the WHAS11 Political Blog.

[Source: WHAS11 / Courier Journal]

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