Toyota Camry hybrid lead engineer died from Karoshi (overwork)

Lending a bit of credence to recent allegations made by The National Labor Committee regarding workers right abuses by Toyota is the recent death of a lead engineer on the Camry hybrid project. Although the man died back in 2006, the Japanese Health Ministry has just now ruled that the man died of karoshi, which is a Japanese word meaning death from overwork. This ruling will allow his family to receive benefits from his ex-employer. The 45-year old man is survived by a daughter and his wife, who recalls her husband working long eighty-hour work weeks, along with frequent nights and weekends. Just prior to his death, he was working on shipping logistics related to the Detroit Auto Show, a trip he missed by just one day. Toyota responded to the ruling by saying that it would monitor its workers health more closely. Thanks for the tip, Ledwinka!
[Source: AP via Yahoo]

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