New range of small eco cars coming from KTM

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KTM, the Austrian maker of some of the world's finest dirtbikes, is currently on a new product blitz which covers nearly every niche in both the automotive and motorcycle markets. While the company is currently rolling out new streetbikes, like the awe-inspiring RC8 superbike, the firm's first-ever four-wheeler, the X-Bow, has been generating tons of buzz amongst automotive gear-heads which would likely otherwise be uninterested in the orange and black brand. That newfound audience will soon be greeted by "the world's first frugal and eco-friendly off-roader" and a small city car, which could even see electric-only power at some point.

The new off-road model will attack the rally scene that KTM often dominates on two wheels. Somehow, the rally-bred vehicle is expected to be extremely light and perform admirably on both the tarmac and the dirt. The cycle-making firm's recent dealings with Bajaj will soon bear fruit in the form of three new city vehicles, one of which could be a modern take on the classic rickshaw platform. So far, Audi (which is owned by VW) has supplied engines to KTM for its on-road offerings, and the word is that both gasoline and diesel engines are expected for the newest models. It sounds like KTM is setting itself up to become a major player in both the auto and cycle realms, and rumors indicate that KTM may be the brand VeeDub hinted interest in a few months back.

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