Lightning GT to make debut at British International Motor Show

The "Electric Vehicle Village" at the British International Motor Show is getting another sports car to keep the Tesla Roadster, also to be on display, from completely hogging the electric-car limelight. The British designed and built Lightning GT will get its world-wide debut at the show which begins on the 23rd of July. Previously we've only been privy to renderings such as the one above and those in the gallery below and are looking forward to seeing what customers will be getting for their £120,000 ($237,716.55) investment.

Though no names were mentioned, it has been disclosed that "lots of people" including several celebrities have already coughed up the £15,000 ($29,716.42) deposit to go to the front of the queue. We would hazard a guess that Top Gear presenter and electric car non-aficionado, Jeremy Clarkson, is not one of those celebrities despite the fact that, with a claimed 0 to 60 time of 4 seconds and a 130 mph top speed, it is no G-Wiz.

[Source: The Guardian]

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