British International Motor Show to feature "The Electric Vehicle Village"

We briefly mentioned earlier that the NICE Car Company would be showing its Super Light Electric Sport Car concept at this year's British International Motor Show (BIMS) along with some other to-be-introduced models (including, we hear, a face-lifted Mega city) from the company. While that's pretty cool, NICE won't be the only electric car company in the house. Nope. Word on the street (ok, it was a press release) is that there will be a veritable cornucopia of electric car companies assembled to create what they are calling, "The Electric Vehicle Village."

Sponsored by Co-operative Insurance, the "Village" will feature 20 different vehicles including the Tesla Roadster and its antithesis, the Reva G-Wiz, as well as an offering from an entirely new brand, currently existing in apparent stealth mode called, "Quiet Cars." Beside the cars to look at, there will be demonstrations held of the Elektrobay on-street recharging station from Elektromotive. The event kicks of on the 23rd of July and runs until the 3rd of August. Organizers are expecting over half a million souls to pass through the gates. All the details can be read from the press release after the break.
Press Release

20 May 2008

The organisers of this year's British International Motor Show, sponsored by Zurich Connect, are 'charged up' about their all-new showcase of the latest electric vehicle models!

The Electric Vehicle Village, sponsored by Co-operative Insurance, will bring together one of the largest collections of zero-emissions vehicles ever seen in the UK, with a display of more than 20 vehicles which are propelled solely by battery power. Vehicles to be exhibited include the Super Light Car from the NICE Car Company, the well-known G-Wiz, models from new brand Quiet Cars and even the Tesla Roadster - a two-seat electric sports car, as well as future-focused concept models. In addition, the Village will also feature demonstrations of the Elektrobay on-street recharging station from Elektromotive.

Electric vehicles are around 70 per cent greener than the equivalent fossil-fuelled car, which is an increasingly important consideration for new car buyers. Vehicle emissions levels affect motoring costs, in particular vehicle excise duty, and electric cars are exempt from the congestion charge in London with free parking in Westminster and some surrounding boroughs.

Kirsty Perkinson, Motor Show Marketing Director, said, "We are really excited about our new Electric Vehicle Village. The aim of the feature is to highlight the significant advances made in developing zero-emissions vehicles and to reflect the mushrooming demand for these cars. Vehicle manufacturers are pushing the engineering boundaries to produce cleaner and greener forms of transport, and consumers – particularly in London – are responding positively to the new technology." Perkinson continues, "We want the Show to reflect the broad range of vehicles on sale now as well as those which will be launched in the near future. Visitors will see everything from electric cars and global premieres, to supercars from brands such as Ferrari and Maserati.

"Choosing a new car can be a confusing and difficult process as buyers need to think carefully about fuel consumption, fuel type and CO2 emissions as well as style, practicality and brand. We hope to help in the decision-making process by providing potential buyers with the most comprehensive range of vehicles in an entertaining and informative environment."

The Show, which runs from 23 July until 3 August, is returning to ExCeL London where the award-winning 2006 event attracted over 415,000 attendees. The 2008 Show is expected to draw over 550,000 visitors.

Tickets for the Show start at just £10 for an adult weekday pass and £6 for a child's ticket. Tickets are available through the Show's all-new website at or by calling 0871 230 5588.

[Source: BIMS]

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