NBC to air Top Gear USA episodes online

Here at Autoblog, we make no effort to hide our enthusiasm for the hit BBC series Top Gear. But while our compatriots over in the British Isles get to watch the show on their public television stations, American viewers (comprised mostly of Autoblog readers, of course) have had to make do with the on-again, off-again airing of Top Gear episodes online. For our part, we've done our best to bring you the latest episodes in our weekly night watch video postings.

Fortunately, with the American version of the show speeding into production, NBC is indicating that the show will be available for your viewing pleasure on its website. According to NBC, the episodes – which will be aired weekly in primetime starting sometime this year – will also be available for viewing online each week, along with a special aftermarket segment that's sure to blend the excitement of the annual SEMA show with Top Gear's own unique flavor. Stay tuned for more Top Gear news as NBC brings the show. Thanks for the tip, Adam!

[Source: NBC.com]

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