Popular Mechanics lands interview with Adam Carolla, details on Top Gear U.S.

The debut of the U.S. version of Top Gear is supposedly only three months away and Popular Mechanics had a chance to sit down with Adam Carolla, the import's new front man, to discuss the show, his co-hosts and what buns are in the oven when the series debuts this September.

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According to Carolla, the format will be an adaptation of the BBC show that all of us hold dear, with a guest segment, test drive, stunt and our very own Stig, who is being cast as you read this. The first episode will feature a race from Las Vegas to San Francisco, culminating in a "mammoth stunt."

Carolla sat down with Clarkson a few months back at El Toro to discuss the show, and while Clarkson admits that many of his lines are pre-written before taping and that he rarely resorts to improv, Carolla will be more off-the-cuff with his remarks – something more fitting to his personality. Again, it was made clear that advertisers will not have any bearing on the reviews. Carolla and the rest of the team are free to call it like they see it, with the Top Gear crew in the UK saying of the new show, "We're going to do it exactly the same as they do it in England, and you'll be able to say whatever you want about any car you like regardless of who makes it or if they sponsor the show or not."

The former host of the Man Show and Loveline is aching to do a segment on the Aston Martin DBS and would like to get behind the wheel of the new BMW M1, despite it being strictly a show car without a working interior -- yet. He also mentioned that he'd like to see the Lamborghini Miura revival released, but he left us puzzled when he said, "I don't even know if they've gone into production with that car, if they're going into production with the new Miura. I've seen it at the car show, they put a price on it, but I don't know if it's for sale." Adam, according to Lamborghini, it was strictly a concept and will remain as such. But if you read Autoblog, you would've already know that.

Thankfully, Carolla insists that Top Gear in the U.S. will be a car show for real car guys. "As a gearhead, [I] go insane when I see non-gearheads writing dialogue for guys who are supposed to be gearheads but really aren't. This will be a gearhead show for gearheads, and it will be a real gearhead show -- no more impostors."

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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