Kia's new ad strategy: Hey, that's not funny!

Hey, remember that Yeah, well, forget them both. And forget all the other humorous ads Kia has created in the past, because the Korean automaker is getting serious with its advertising. Seriously. Kia Motors America's marketing director, Tim Chaney, told AdAge recently that, "We don't want to spend a good chunk of our time in a 30-second spot trying to entertain people." Though he admits the humorous ads were funny and got attention, Chaney says they "could have done a better job overcoming perceptions of the brand." Wow. Who put kitty litter in this guy's gas tank?

Kia's new Borrego stars in ad that points out the SUV's value as an inexpensive, luxurious seven-seater. (This, just as U.S. SUV sales take a swan dive thanks to high fuel prices.) It's not totally without mirth, as it pokes fun at other company's ad cliches like galloping horses and pristine wilderness being trampled by a 4X4. But we're gonna go out on a limb and say the new ad won't be making the YouTube rounds. Watch the new Borrego ad here.

[Source: AdAge]

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