Saleen to introduce budget-priced vehicles under Racecraft brand

Saleen has launched a barrage of new products since company founder Steve Saleen left the company last summer including the S302 Extreme, H302SC, Dan Gurney Signature Series Mustang, Sterling Edition Mustang, and the S5S Raptor Concept. While these new Saleen vehicles are pushing the level of performance upwards, it seems that the price has ballooned, as well. We'd love to have a Sterling Edition Mustang in the garage, but realistically, how many people can afford a $90,000 Mustang? While Saleen may have increased desirability with its new models, the obtainability went down as a result.

Saleen may have the answer. In a recent letter to its dealers, Saleen announced that it would be introducing "a new brand of performance a more competitive price point." Like Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti, and Honda Acura, Saleen will be able to have both a value and a high-end brand. Using the RaceCraft name, which has previously been the name of suspension components, the first vehicle in the lineup will be the 420S Mustang featuring a supercharged V8 with 420 horsepower, an array of suspension upgrades, 18-inch wheels and tires, aluminum instrument panel, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 420S graphics and more. All for $38,995. Considering a fully loaded Mustang GT can easily exceed $30,000, the 420S actually seems like a pretty good deal. Also in the works is a RaceCraft Ford Focus with a target price of $20,000. Hopefully they'll keep the nitrous out of the car this time and won't get fined by the California Air Resources Board.

A list of features for the RaceCraft 420S Mustang can be found after the jump.

[Source: The Chrome Pony]

RaceCraft 420S Mustang features:

· Racecraft 4.6L SOHC Supercharged V-8
· Horsepower: 420 @ 5800 RPM
· Torque: 400 ft.-lbs. @ 4000 RPM
· 39 lb. fuel injectors
· 98 mm mass airflow sensor
· hi-flow inlet tube and air box cover
· Performance air filter
· Racecraft specific rate front and rear coil springs
· Racecraft front struts (N2)
· Racecraft rear shocks (N2)
· Racecraft front sway bar and pivot bushings
· Bridgestone Potenza All-Season Performance Radial Tires
· 18"x9" Front and 18"x10" Rear Aluminum Alloy 'Torque Blade' wheels
· Racecraft exterior badging
· Racecraft logo side rocker graphics
· Racecraft '420S' performance vinyl hood graphics
· Racecraft rear decklid graphics
· Racecraft 180 MPH silver faced speedometer with MyColor feature
· Satin aluminum instrument panel upgrade
· Racecraft steering wheel badge
· Leather-wrapped steering wheel
· Leather wrapped billet aluminum shift knob
· Leather shift boot
· Performance cloth seats with Racecraft embroidered headrest

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