Ford Focus Econectic voted Car of the Year by Whatgreencar?

British environmental site Whatgreencar has decided that nary a hybrid nor a tiny car should win their Car of the Year award. Instead, they chose the Econetic version of the Ford Focus. The Focus Econetic sports improved aerodynamics, engine lubrication and low rolling resistance tires to reduce fuel consumption. Whatgreencar's ratings range from 0 for the greenest vehicles to 100 for the most polluting and the Focus won with 33 points. Why? The 1.6-liter diesel, co-developed with PSA, produces 110 HP and still manages to make 65.6 mpg IMP (that's 4.3 l/100 km or 55 mpg U.S.), which leads to emissions of just 115 g/km of CO2. Those emissions place the car between the Toyota Prius and the Peugeot 107/Citro├źn C1/Toyota Aygo 1.0-liter gasoline triplets. Find the complete press release after the jump.

[Source: Whatgreencar?]


Environmental motoring website Whatgreencar? has awarded its first Green Car of the Year award to the Ford Focus ECOnetic.'s lifetime impact rating covering cars' use and manufacture scored the 1.6-litre ECOnetic Focus better than the site's benchmark hybrid.

The site's independent panel of judges, representing leading UK transport organisations including the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership and Energy Saving Trust, unanimously declared the frugal Ford as the greenest family-size car available. Judge and editor Dr Ben Lane said: "With the fuel efficient Ford Focus ECOnetic , all new car buyers have the opportunity to purchase a more environmentally friendly car that meets the average motorist's needs."

Whatgreencar ratings range from 0 for the greenest vehicles to 100 for the most polluting, with the Ford Focus judged best in class. With a rating of 33, the 65.6mpg Ford Focus ECOnetic (110PS), emitting 115g CO2/km, sits between a 1.0-litre model and the lowest rated hybrid.

Roelant de Waard, Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, said: "Drivers want to be green but without giving up comfort and performance or paying a high price. Ford ECOnetics answer that demand and I'm delighted that Whatgreencar? has recognised this."

Ford Focus ECOnetic was the first of Ford's low CO2 models to go on sale, followed by Mondeo ECOnetic, capable of 53.3mpg with CO2 emissions of 139g/km, in July this year. A sub-100g Fiesta ECOnetic will appear early next year. ECOnetics boast improved aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tyres and enhanced lubrication to achieve best possible CO2 and fuel consumption. For example Ford Focus ECOnetic is lowered by 10 millimetres at the front and 8mm at the back. Its aerodynamics kit, comprising modified front bumper skirt, rocker claddings and rear spoiler, helps to deliver an aerodynamic drag coefficient (cd) of 0.31. Tyres are 195/65R15 spec and new low-viscosity transmission oil was developed with Ford's fuel partner BP.

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