Fiat 500 is not only cute, but a good long-term deal

When Fiat unveiled the revamped 500 almost a year ago, the company said it hoped the car would be considered the " iPod of cars." There's one aspect of the iPod, though, that Fiat is probably glad they aren't associated with: the products disposability. I mean, really, does Apple need to release a new version every other month?

Lucky for Fiat, "residual experts" say that the 500 will hold onto more of its value in three years than previously expected. Sure, the vehicle will still be worth less than half of what you paid for it today, but the experts say the value will be 46 percent of the original list price instead of the previously expected 42 percent. All the reasons for the change in prediction were not given, but one is that this is a stylish car that's also pretty clean. Fiat's announcement, pasted after the jump, says that small- and medium-sized companies like the 500 since "it offers drivers a high profile company car that is low on fuel use and CO 2 emissions." Sound like a better deal than having a dead iPod in 36 months.

[Source: Fiat]


Specialists who calculate future used car prices for the motor trade have upgraded their predictions on what they reckon the new Fiat 500 supermini will be worth in three years' time.

Residual values on some 500 models have increased from 42 per cent to 46 per cent of original list price. That's an uplift of more than £350 on the car's value on a typical three year/30,000 mile contract. For buyers funding the car through contract hire or personal contract purchase (PCP) that should reduce rentals by more than £20 per month.

The residual value guides rate the entry level 500 1.2 Pop as having the best residual value at 47 per cent after three years.

"The residual value guides have reacted positively to the success of the 500 and have increased their used predictions accordingly. This is good news for those who have already bought one and it should help reduce monthly costs," says Adam Pumfrey, fleet and remarketing director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK.

"The 500 has also generated a great deal of interest from small and medium sized companies for test drives as it offers drivers a high profile company car that is low on fuel use and CO2 emissions."

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