Fiat hopes that the 500/Cinquecento will become the "iPod of cars"

Fiat re-launched the tiny and iconic 500 in Turin, Italy yesterday. Known in Italian as Cinquecento, Fiat is hoping this small car will be hugely poplar with its clean design and made-in-Poland prices. Fiat's hopes for this vehicle are so high, the company is publicly calling it the "iPod of cars."

The 500 has not been made in 32 years, so it's kind of a big deal that Fiat is bringing the name back. The original struck a chord with Italians following World War II, and still have many fans. This time, the 500 is a bit bigger than before and it has to compete with other small cars like the Smart and the Twingo. Initial interest is high, thanks in part to a price tag of about 10,000 euros ($13,600); more than 25,000 people have placed an order for the new 500.
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[Source: Gilles Castonguay / Reuters]

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