Spy Shots: 2009 BMW 7 series, we're getting close!

Seriously, we're getting a bit tired of seeing lightly camo'd BMW 7- series sedans roaming the roads. Isn't it about time that the Bavarian automaker unleashed real photos upon the automotive world? These latest shots were taken by our friends over at Autofiends.com out in the Nevada desert, and we can again see that the much maligned flame-surfacing treatment common to BMWs from the last few years seems to be falling out of favor. In its stead are longer stretches of mostly flat sheet metal, though some vestigial character lines remain just below the greenhouse and door handles. Up front are exaggerated versions of the familiar kidney grilles which show clear inspiration from the Concept CS from a while back, though they are not nearly as monstrous as those seen on the next 5 Series. If rumors hold true, we can expect the spy shots to officially come to an end on July 7 when the new big Bimmer is expected to make its debut.
[Source: Autofiends.com]

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