Ford reconsiders "Boss" V8 engine

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Another large, powerful V8 engine program has bitten the dust. After GM made the decision to axe its high-tech DOHC V8, it became obvious that automakers are beginning to see the luster disappear from the classic V8 engine architecture. Ford, for its part, has announced plans to replace many of its large eight cylinder engines with new members of its EcoBoost engine family. The latest nail in the V8's coffin may also be coming from the Blue Oval, as it's now asked suppliers to stop working on a new 6.2 liter eight cylinder which was slated for its line of F-Series trucks.

Considering that Ford has already invested a large sum of money into the engine, we would be surprised to see it go away entirely. For this reason, Ford could reduce the displacement of the engine and could even regain lost power by equipping it with the EcoBoost technology. Whatever the case, it's clear that the future will bring smaller engines with fewer cylinders, even in pickup trucks.

[Sources: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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