Infiniti to get entry-level coupe based on Z

Along with the impending refreshening of Nissan's modern-day Z, the internet has been abuzz for about a year with rumors of a new smaller and less expensive coupe based on the same platform. This rear-wheel-drive coupe would compete against the upcoming Toyota/Subaru sports coupe, which also are also to be driven by the rear wheels. What we haven't expected, though, is an Infiniti version of this 240SX revival. According to rumors, the Nissan version would get a small displacement four-banger while its big brother from Infiniti would get a V6 displacing 2.5 liters.
Inside Line reports that this new entry-level Infiniti will be displayed at an as yet unnamed auto show sometime within the next year. Color us awfully excited at the prospect of RWD coupes from the likes of Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and now Infiniti, all of which are set for the American market. Affordable performance never goes out of style, even when gas prices are this high.

[Source: Inside Line]

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