Rendered Speculation: Nissan 370Z previewed in presentation

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We've seen details of the forthcoming Nissan 350Z replacement, dubbed the 370Z on account of a bump in displacement to 3.7 liters for its next-gen VQ V6 engine, and we also know that it will debut this November at the L.A. Auto Show. Nissan even revealed its own version of a quirky teaser shot showing the car's profile. A recent presentation held somewhere on this floating orb we call Earth, however, included a slide that pretty much removes the mystery surround the rear-wheel-drive coupe's new looks. Fortunately for us, someone at the presentation forgot to confiscate everyone's camera phone. So what we see is a new 370Z that very much retains the basic shape of the current car, but features softened creases, fenders flaired even more, a kinky C-pillar and a pair of headlights with an odd 'L' shape that first debuted on the 2009 Maxima. Along with the new shape, the new engine should offer buyers around 330 horsepower, as we doubt Nissan will want to make the less expensive 370Z more powerful than the more expensive 330-hp Infiniti G37.

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