Holden W427 limited to 427 units costing $150,000 AUD each

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They are having a different conversation in Australia than we are having up here, and we want in on it. Holden has just announced that the limited-edition Holden W427 will have 500 hp and 471 ft-lb of twisty motion. Sure, we have the Corvette Z06 -- which donated its engine for the W427 -- but Australia's only got 20 million peeps. And a bunch of them don't live in places where you could give this Holden a proper whipping.

The car will be held to just 427 units, and these units and their screaming red interiors will be arriving at dealerships with an MSRP of $AUD 150,000... plus taxes. Dealer allocation will be based on sales figures from last year. The W427's limited run will help it, to be sure, but the price is more than double the price of the Ford FPV F6, which goes for $AUD 65,990. The Falcon is down about 80 horsepower vs. the Holden, but it's also down on weight. We think it might be time for Holden to invite Autoblog Down Under to settle this once and for all.

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