Ford releases specs on new FPV Falcons

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Ford is getting ready for a battle in Australia for the hearts and minds of performance enthusiasts. Its new FPV Falcons will go head to head with what HSV offers from Holden, and today the Blue Oval from Down Under released officials specs for its souped up, gnarly-looking rear-wheel-drive sedans. First we have the F6, which is powered by the familiar turbocharged 4.0L straight-six engine now producing 416 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque at just 1,950 rpm. That's a 54-horsepower increase over the prior straight six, and matches up surprisingly well with Ford's other engine offering, the 5.4L Boss V8 producing 422 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque at a loftier 4,750 rpm. The Boss motor can be had in the GT E, GT-P and GT sedans, as well as the Super Pursuit and Pursuit Ute. The exceptional straight-six meanwhile, is only offered in the F6 sedan and ute.

Let's compare what Ford revealed today with the offerings from Holden's HSV. Currently the Clubsport R8 is HSV's most high-performance sedan, and it's powered by an LS3 6.2L V8 producing 425 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque. Ford has pretty much matched HSV in the motor department then, and the new Falcon looks like it might weigh less to boot. But HSV dropped a bomb at the Melbourne Motor Show named the HSV W427, which is a version of the Clubsport R8 powered by GM's LS7 V8 producing 496 horses and 472 pound feet of torque. Hopefully Ford Australia has an answer for that up its sleeves, too.

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FPV Reveals Power Figures for New FG Model Range

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has today revealed that its new F6 engine will produce 310kW, while the new Boss V8 engine will increase its power output to 315kW.

The new F6 will be powered by a high performance 4.0 litre turbo charged DOHC 24 valve in-line 6 cylinder engine that produces an awesome 310 kW of power at 5500 RPM, and 565 Nm of torque between 1950 and 5200 RPM.

The new 5.4 litre Boss V8 engine also receives a substantial performance upgrade, producing 315 kW of power at 6500 RPM and 551 Nm of torque at 4750 RPM- an increase of 13 kW from the previous Boss 302 engine.

"After months of speculation, we're proud to officially confirm the power figures for our next generation of performance cars," General Manager, Ford Performance Vehicles, Rod Barrett said.

"After two years of testing and development we have two new engine variants that will deliver big performance."

The new F6 receives a whopping 40 kilowatt increase, making it one of the best high performance six-cylinder production cars on the market.

"The F6 is an amazing car with performance equal or better to many European sports cars, but at a fraction of the price." Barrett said.

"Those who enjoy taking their vehicles to track days are going to really benefit from this car."

To achieve the significant 40 kilowatt increase, FPV engineers strengthened the piston design and cranked up the boost. The larger intercooler is mounted in front of the radiator, with substantially reduced pressure drop across the intercooler which provides better airflow with no loss of boost capability.

"With the new Boss 315, our engineers broadened the torque curve, which consequently delivers better pick and drive at a lower rev range, as well as better get up and go from a standing start." Barrett said.

"As a result, the V8 powered cars feel lighter and more responsive."

The 310kW turbo-charged 6 will power both the F6 and F6 Ute, while the 315kW Boss V8 will feature in the GT E, GT-P and GT sedans and Super Pursuit and Pursuit utes.

The Boss 315 badging will feature on the GT and GT-P's new-look power bulge and engine cover.

The F6 will carry F6 310 badging on the sides and rear of the sedan and ute, as well as the engine air cleaner box.

"The power upgrades are significant on both our V8 and F6 engines and they perfectly complement the aggressive styling of our new range."

Further details regarding FPV's new FG range will be made available closer to the on sale date in June.

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