This is getting absurd: customized gas-stealing truck owner nabbed

Well, we can say that he's got ingenuity and some shop skills, at least.

A less-than-honest man in Orlando, Florida rigged up his Ford pickup truck to hide an 800 gallon tank that he used to steal gas from station pumps and then resell the ever-more-valuable fuel. The man was caught Tuesday after people at a Hess station noticed he was taking a really long time to fill up his vehicle. As our friends at Autoblog pointed out, the real freaky part of this (especially if you're a struggling station owner) is that, "the man also had a key that disabled pump meters, detectives said."

An Orange County sheriff commander told area TV station Local6 that the custom job had no redeeming value: "It is set up for one use only, which is to steal fuel and redistribute it illegally," he said. It's likely that the man was part of a larger crime ring. Maybe this is the kind of thing that LA police should be looking for. Any guesses as to what surprise $4/gallons of gas will bring us next? Is reducing consumption really that difficult for some people, or is is just that stealing gas is just the hip thing to do these days?

[Source: Local6 via Autoblog]

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