Pontiac G8 GT: No longer most powerful car under $30K

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If you like horsepower, speed and a usable back seat, the Pontiac G8 GT was a great deal with an MSRP of $29,995. In fact, Pontiac advertised the 2008 model as just such a bargain: "Most powerful car starting under $30K," which is riding the line pretty close.

But the company will have to ditch that ad campaign with the 2009 model as prices for a G8 GT will now begin at $31,360, or some $1,365 more than the previous year. Some of the cost is due to more standard luxuries like XM Radio, but at least part of the increase can be blamed on those familiar culprits of a weak U.S. dollar and rise in material costs. Still, we would've thought some of the car's cost was trimmed by ditching the oversized auxiliary gauges for the car's battery charge and oil pressure. Guess not.

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[Source: GM Inside News via Motor Authority]

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