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If you want a seven-passenger vehicle in the States, your choices are few. Those of you shopping for just such a vehicle can longingly gaze at the Subaru Exiga. It goes on sale today in Japan, but in the latest press release from Subaru, there are no plans for U.S. export mentioned.

The Exiga's naturally-aspirated 2.0L engine outputs 146 hp, while the sportier GT model with intercooler and turbocharger makes 221 hp. Passengers are treated to a huge panoramic roof that rivals even the new Jetta Sportwagen.

Around the Autoblog office complex, there are several wagon fans who love to get their hands on one of these. But for now, we have no reason to believe Subaru will bring the Exiga over here. Check out our gallery for more high-res shots of the Subaru Exiga and read the full press release after the jump.

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FHI Unveils New Model Subaru EXIGA, a Seven-Seater for Panorama Touring

Tokyo, June 17, 2008 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today
announced the debut of its new Subaru EXIGA in Japan. The EXIGA went on sale nationwide
through Subaru dealerships today.

Based on the concept of a seven-seater with panoramic visibility for the touring experience, the
EXIGA has been developed to provide a safe and pleasant journey for all occupants. Capitalizing on
its accumulated know-how from building wagons and crossover SUVs, Subaru has succeeded in
creating open and comfortable interior space for all the passengers to easily engage in conversation
and share the experience of touring enhanced by dramatic wide-angle views through the windows.

The new model represents Subaru's latest proposal for a new type of multi-passenger vehicle, built
on Subaru's strengths in vehicle stability, low noise, and quality ride -all realized by Subaru's
Horizontally-Opposed engine layout and the Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept (Subaru

1. Development Concept: a Seven-Seater for Panorama Touring

• Seven passengers
Despite a body size that's convenient for maneuvering, the EXIGA comfortably accommodates
up to seven occupants, ensuring ample space and a pleasant ride for each passenger. Excellent
utility and comfort have been added through the adoption of new designs for better visibility,
ingress/egress, and cargo space.

• Panorama
A bright, open interior space has been created for passengers in any seat to enjoy the scenery
outside. The vehicle's low noise level allows all passengers to easily converse.

• Touring
In addition to high levels of safety, both active and passive, the EXIGA blends high performance
and smooth handling with high-quality riding comfort. The vehicle also offers excellent
environmental performance and fuel economy.

2. FHI offers four EXIGA models:

• 2.0i is the basic model with selected standard equipment, priced in a more affordable range

• 2.0i-L offers high quality finishes and expanded standard equipment

• 2.0i-S is a sporty model with a naturally aspirated engine, featuring dynamic powerful styling
and interior designs

• 2.0GT is a grand touring car that combines potent powertrain performance with environmental

3. Major Features

• The EXIGA has realized ideal proportions that provide the optimal body size for better handling,
as well as ample interior space through its carefully calculated measurements of the height,
width, length, wheelbase, floor size, and roof design.
• Front and rear visibility is maximized by the creative design and positioning of pillars and
• The three rows of seats are laid out at three different heights, like gradually elevated theater
seating, placing the first and second rows slightly lower than the third to allow all passengers
better outside views.
• A large panoramic glass roof fully covers area above the second row of seats and enhances the
openness of the interior. The glass roof is available as an option on all models except the 2.0i.
• Large rear door openings with wide plastic door sills are designed to facilitate ingress and egress,
and the rear doors also open nearly 90 degrees for easy access to the third-row seating.
• A double-wishbone rear suspension with reduced projection into the interior makes room for
comfortable third-row seats and a wide luggage compartment.
• The subframe between the rear suspension and the chassis helps to reduce vehicle noise and
absorb vibrations from the road.
• By using the newly designed resin fuel tank and optimizing the body frame structure, the floor
has been made flat to provide spacious legroom for passengers in the third row.

4. Design
• The EXIGA exterior design expresses the integration of the utility of a seven-seater and elegant
• Two distinctively different front grille designs are available. The naturally aspirated models
possess style that highlights refinement and simplicity with flowing chrome-plated contours. The
design for the turbo model stresses a sporty and muscular impression by adopting a powerful
wing-shape embellishment in dark plating on a metal mesh background.
• Headlamps are designed to provide depth from the front view. With a blue-tinted lens placed in
the middle of the lamp, the design accentuates boldness and presence.
• Each of the four EXIGA model types is equipped with distinctive wheels and individually
designed spokes.
• Eight exterior colors are available.

5. Interior design
• Decorative insets with a horizontally flowing pattern from the center panel of the dashboard to
the door trim add spaciousness and a quality look to the interior. Rich and refined interior design
is further accentuated by the center panel, which combines wood and metal finishes, as well as
by the indirect blue LED light installed on the overhead console, center tray and some foot areas.
• Ivory tone that accentuates openness and light, and black tone, which highlights both sportiness
and elegance, are available as interior colors.
• The seats are newly designed to firmly support the occupants and reduce fatigue, even during a
long drive, and the seat cushions are made thick to effectively absorb vibration and provide
• The meter module on the instrument panel is distinctively designed with the meter background
faces illuminated in blue to make the white dials clearly readable. The Sport Luminescent Meter,
outlined with chrome-plated meter rings, is available on the 2.0GT, 2.0i-L, and 2.0i-S.

6. Utility
• By removing the headrests, the front seatbacks can be tilted back flat to provide room for
occupants to lie down.
• The left and right seats of the second row independently slide back and forth in a range of
180 mm. The seatbacks fold down easily with one-hand operation of the walk-in mechanism,
allowing easy access to the third row seats.
• The third-row seats employ reclining mechanisms for more relaxed travel. The seatbacks fold
down flat with easy operation to provide expanded cargo space in the back of the vehicle.
• Hooks for hanging bags, retractable hooks and 12-volt power outlet are provided in the cargo
• Thanks to reduced projection into the interior of the wheel housing and rear suspension, the
cargo floor has been made flat. The cargo space offers two tiers. There is a layer under the cargo
floor board that offers more space for storing small items. Even tall items like baby strollers can
be placed vertically in that space without the need to fold them and lay them on the floor.
• Courtesy lamps are mounted inside of all doors for better egress/ingress at night.
• Blue lights illuminate the inside of the instrumental panel recesses, the center console, and the
foot of the first and second row seats. They are not only useful at night but serve as elegant and
premium quality décor.

7. Powertrain
(1) 2.0-liter DOHC Engine (2.0i, 2.0i-L, 2.0i-S)
• The use of a redesigned DOHC cylinder head and the active valve control system (AVCS)
promotes excellent environmental performance. Also better fuel economy is realized through
adoption of the regular gasoline engine.
• With the optimization of the diameter and length of the intake manifold, and the adoption of the
equal length/constant pulsation independent exhaust system, the engine's intake and exhaust
performance has been elevated.
• Two catalytic convertors have been placed in tandem. The layout enables the convertors to
quickly heat up, which facilitates catalytic activation during engine startup and improves on
emission reduction efficiency.
• By expanding exhaust capacity with the twin mufflers, air flow resistance inside the mufflers is
reduced, and excellent engine output characteristics and noise reduction are realized.
• The electric control sensor system helps reduce engine load and further improve fuel economy
by controlling electric generation according to driving conditions.
(2) 2.0-liter DOHC Turbo Engine (2.0GT)
• A lightweight, resin-based intake manifold is used. The inner walls of the manifold are smooth
and less resistant to the intake flow, elevating intake efficiency.
• The turbo charger was exclusively developed for the EXIGA. Optimization of its A/R and
compressor, as well as a redesign of its turbine vane, have distinctively improved low-end torque
and made powerful and responsive acceleration possible.
• Also adopted is a secondary air system that forces air into the exhaust port to burn out any
gasoline remaining in it. The system helps eliminate harmful substances when the powertrain is
still cool, and it promotes early activation of a catalytic converter.
• Through optimization of the construction of the intercooler, the pressure loss is kept at a
minimum to improve cooling efficiency.
• The electric control sensor system helps reduce engine load and further improve fuel economy.

8. Drivetrain and Chassis
• Lightweight and compact 4-speed AT with the SPORTSHIFT gear selection is standard on all
2.0 liter naturally aspirated models. By optimizing the final gear ratio, as well as through
reducing friction among part assemblies, driving performance has been enhanced and fuel
economy improved.
• 5-speed AT with the SPORTSHIFT gear selection is standard on 2.0 liter turbo models. The
down-shift blipping control is added to enhance smooth gear change response when shifting
down in manual mode.
• The SI-Dive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) system on the 2.0GT model offers three different modes
of driving for the driver to enjoy: Intelligent; Sport; and Sport Sharp.
• The Active Torque Split AWD system is mounted on all naturally aspirated engine models. The
turbo model comes with Variable Torque Distribution (VTD) system. Both systems distribute
optimal torque to the wheels with the firm grip and traction, providing unrivalled vehicle
• Integrating robust body structure with finely tuned chassis elements, all models feature Subaru
DC3, which ensures outstanding handling and vehicle stability as well as superb riding comfort.
• The vehicle is equipped with a strut-type front suspension, which is made lightweight and
resilient. Newly designed cross-members and stabilizers yield excellent steering response.
• A double-wishbone rear suspension with optimized suspension geometry settings provides
exceptional traction and vehicle stability, as well as riding comfort, even at full occupancy.
• All models employ four-wheel ABS disc brakes with EBD (Electric Brake-force Distribution)
for superb braking performance. The Brake Assist system and a brake booster with unique tie-
rod design appropriately maximize braking control.
• Two types of tires, 205/60R16 and 215/50R17, are available. Both are capable of balancing
various vehicle elements, including stability, braking, comfort, and mileage.
(SPORTSHIFT is the trademark of Prodrive Ltd.)

6. Body Construction and Safety
• The EXIGA uses an advanced form of Subaru's proprietary Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame
Body Structure. Through streamlined body construction and the extensive use of high-tensile
steel, the new model has achieved high body rigidity and light weight.
• A cowl stay enhancement is used to connect the front side frame and A pillar, and supportive
cross-members have been adopted to further improve steering response and increase vehicle
• The EXIGA, with its advanced frame construction, has realized high levels of safety and crash-
worthiness through effectively absorbing and dispersing crash impact in frontal, side-, or rear-
impact crashes.
• By enhancing impact absorption in the front bumper and incorporating structural changes to the
hood, the new model addresses safety features for pedestrians and other vehicles in collisions.
• The front wiper system features a new uniform-pressure, fin-shaped design that creates
downforce to prevent blade lift-off during high-speed driving.
• Dual SRS (supplemental restraint system) air bags are standard on all models. SRS side air bags
and curtain air bags that protect the third-row occupants are manufacturer's options.
• All pillar trim adopts impact-absorbing structures. To reduce the risk of whiplash injuries in a
rear collision, the seatbacks employ new impact-absorbing designs.
• A collapsible brake pedal is available on all models to reduce the risk of foot injuries in frontal

10. Others
• Ventilation for the rear seats is placed on top of the dashboard, effectively circulating air to the
third row of seats. Standard on all models, the ventilation system is extremely quiet with greatly
reduced operating and airflow noise, yet it efficiently cools the entire cabin.
• The air conditioning system on the 2.0i-L, 2.0i-S and 2.0GT models offers a function to allow
temperature adjustments independently on the left and right sides of the seats.
• The combined audio system of CD player and AM/FM tuner, compatible with MP3 and WMA*
formats, and an HDD navigation system with audio capability and a rearview camera
(compatible with Subaru G-Book Alpha telematics service) are optional on all models.
*WMA is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
• A keyless entry system with a push-start button is a manufacturer's option.

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