Volvo dealer in Verona, Italy is company's first to go carbon neutral

Dealers for car companies have tried various carbon neutral offerings. A Land Rover shop in Oregon, for example, gave away carbon offsets for the first 50,000 miles of each new vehicle sold last year. But what did it take to make the new Volvo Trucks dealer in Verona, Italy totally carbon neutral? Solar cells on the roof.

Thanks to that eco-friendly update, the dealership produces more energy than it uses and the excess is fed back into the grid. Heat is generated from methane gas, but Volvo was clear that the solar panels above the building more than make up for this in carbon offset terms. The dealership was opened late last week, and Volvo is looking to make more of its dealerships carbon neutral. Not all will use the solar option, as local conditions will determine what renewable energy sources are used where.

[Source: Volvo]

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