The secret life of the Chevy Volt

An article in the Atlantic Monthly examines the genesis and gestation of the Chevy Volt, and concludes with an intriguing mix of potential hits and misses. Calling the Volt "the Barack Obama of automobiles-everyone's hope for change," even the Atlantic Monthly knows that this car currently means more to GM and perhaps the U.S. car buying public than anything else. There is a huge amount of emotion behind the Volt, and not all of it is supportive.

The article is just as much about GM and how the company operates as it is about the car. The case is put forward that this is less about the viability of the Volt and more about whether GM can finally execute a proper long term follow through. GM has had brilliant ideas before, but its commitment and track record of seeing them through to successful ends isn't so great.

GM CEO Rick Wagoner said, "If I've learned anything over the past three or four years, it's that a lot of this business is sticking with it and persistence. In the coaching vernacular, we're going to leave it on the floor to make this happen." That's a telling quote from the captain of the ship. More heartening is the quote from another GM exec on what the Volt means to the company: "The empire strikes back." Atta boy. Thanks for the tip, quattrofan!

[Source: Atlantic Monthly]

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