Spotted in Illinois: Dodge Caravan "hybrid"

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An eagle-eyed reader has spotted a hybrid Dodge Caravan in the Chicago, Illinois area. Don't get your panties in a bunch, though, as this hybrid is not the sort consumers have come to know and love as of late. This Caravan has no electrical propulsion system, but rather two front ends. Before Honda and Toyota forever tied the hybrid term to gasoline-electric drivetrains, it was used to describe vehicles constructed out of various donor parts, such as this one. After all, no one has yet marketed a better name for dual front fascia automobiles. Now obviously this Caravan looks nothing like the one in which your mom carpooled you to soccer practice. Especially since hers probably had a rear end. However, that might be where the differences end, at least from what we can tell. Besides the obvious exterior alterations, there are no hints at what other tricks the minivan might have up its sleeve. It makes for a pretty clever advertisement for an alignment shop though. Nothing quite screams we're good at getting the wheels straight more than a vehicle equipped with two steering racks. Not to mention the fact that the paint happens to be the color of the Incredible Hulk. Although, as far as utility goes, we can't image it would make a good shop runner since chopping off the rear hatch looks to have significantly reduced available cargo space. Be sure and check out the lime green Dodge Caravan that couldn't help but catch a reader's eye in the gallery below and judge for yourself. Thanks for the tip Bdubb!

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